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is an easy to use personalized health management solution

Step into the BeatTM

  • Clinical Evidenced Telehealth Disease Management System
  • Personalized, Bio-Sensor Enabled Vitals Monitoring
  • Smartphone, Tablet, Home Gateway, IoT Connectivity
  • Intelligent Disease Management for Independent Living

Product highlights

  • COVID-19 Anytime, Anywhere Clinical Decision Support
  • Big Health Data Benefit Providers, Payers and Pharma
  • Bedside Monitoring, Home Health and Wellness Plans
  • Worldwide Wired and Wireless Secure AI Cloud Service


AI IoT product enables smart, connected digital telemedicine solutions in response to travel medical emergencies. D2D ✓ Check Health Screen for Air, Rail, Water and Ground Passenger Door-2-Door Travel

Wearable IoT Bio-sensors

support Bedside, Home, Long Term Remote monitoring and trending of personalized vitals for CHF and co-morbidities; Diabetes, Pain, COPD, Asthma, Hypertension, Sleep Apnea, Chronic Kidney Disease