Vitalbeat Enabling Big Data Cloud for Predictive Analysis

and Informatics for Readmission Modeling

Provides Remote Patient Data and Care Management Modeling for At-risk Heart Failure Patients with Vitalbeat, a Specially Designed Patient Adherence and Monitoring System Using Standard Mobile Medical Technology


USC Body Computing Conference, Los Angeles – Oct 5, 2012 Aventyn Inc., an innovative provider of core to cloud secure connected clinical information systems for remote patient monitoring and chronic disease management solutions made this announcement at the sixth annual USC BCC 6.0 event being held at USC.


Heart failure is a common cardiovascular problem which is increasing in both prevalence and incidence globally and is associated with substantial morbidity and mortality. Management of heart failure patients is complex and has become a priority world over. Effective methods to keep heart failure patients out of the hospital are essential, both in the interests of the patient’s health, as well as to reduce the burden on the health care system. A rational and sustainable approach requires care coordination in identifying at-risk patients, a personalized strategy for vitals monitoring, diet and medication adherence combined with the right education.


Vitalbeat-PAIR enables platform tools for combining structured health record data, imaging modalities and unstructured patient entered vitals, bio-sensor device data from diverse points of source to analyze and reduce risk of patient readmission and ER visits. The Vitalbeat system was developed for Phase 1 of the Remote-HF-1 international, multi-center clinical study.


“Big data and data analytics are going to be a big part of improving patient outcomes and reducing health care costs,” said Dr. Leslie A. Saxon, the Executive Director of the University of Southern California Center for Body Computing, a digital health innovation center.  “Working smarter to preserve medical care expenditure for true investment in innovative therapies can be enabled by data solutions for expensive problems like heart failure re-admission.”


“The USC Body Computing Conference is a unique event that has been bringing together domain experts, researchers and business leaders for the advancement of innovative care delivery models utilizing bio-sensors, wireless technology and gamification for the sixth year. We are honored to be invited by Dr. Leslie Saxon to participate at this event.” said Navin Govind, founder and CEO at Aventyn. “Providing innovative tools for clinicians and medical researchers to identify and isolate root causes for readmissions of at-risk patients is a key spoke in the quality of life wheel. Most importantly, in addition to risk prediction, we can now iteratively focus on clinical event prediction towards improving patient outcomes and safety.”


Together with its strategic industry partners, Aventyn collaborates with academia, clinical research and provider care coordinators to leverage innovative health technologies through the Aventyn Health Innovation Ecosystem launched in February 2012. The ecosystem is dedicated to using clinical evidence- based solutions developed by Aventyn sponsored clinical studies to provide scalable, low cost mobile patient monitoring plans for improved chronic health care and solutions to fight long term disease. Contact us at  to arrange demonstrations, participation in Phase 2 of the Remote-HF-2 trial, future mhealth clinical studies and first round investment.

About Vitalbeat™

Vitalbeat is a mobile remote patient monitoring and integrated chronic disease management system. Vitalbeat was developed for Phase 1 of the Remote-HF international, multi-center clinical study conducted at: Vivus-BMJ Heart Centre and Narayana Hrudayalaya in Bangalore, India, Karolinska University Hospital at Solna in Sweden, Saint Francis Hospital, Roslyn, New York and Winthrop-University Hospital, Mineola, New York in the USA. Mobile devices enabled patients and clinicians in the study to stay connected and informed using the Vitalbeat remote patient monitoring and chronic disease management system. This personalized patient software solution was tested for remotely monitoring heart failure patients and securely sharing patient vital sign information with clinicians to care for patients recruited in the study. The trial is registered in the United States FDA clinical trials registration site under NCT01430936. The two phase trial is sponsored by Aventyn in collaboration with BMS Hospital Trust in India, AT&T Healthcare, University of California and Zephyr Technology in the USA. Phase 2 of the trial is a structured two-year study conducted in collaboration with pharma and life science companies, wearable sensor-based medical device companies and global cloud, mobile service providers.



The University of Southern California Center for Body Computing is an interdisciplinary brain trust that brings together USC's Keck School of Medicine and world-renowned School of Cinematic Arts with the university's schools of Business and Engineering.  The CBC has a track record of creating health solutions from early stage scientific advances and discoveries into commercially viable products, in preventives, diagnostics, devices, and tools that improve patient care and advance public health.  The USC CBC’s purpose is to creatively synthesize medicine, engineering, business, communications, and entertainment arts into new paradigms that will innovatively enhance the quality of life, especially for the 2 billion people worldwide who lack access to healthcare.  More information:


About Aventyn Inc.

Aventyn Inc. is an early stage health technology company seamlessly connecting clinicians and patients with our secure core to cloud clinical information processing platform for improved quality of life. Our CLIP«Care EMR solutions with CareLock™ health information security and integrated wireless bio-sensor capability enable continuity of care anytime, anywhere and anyplace. Vitalbeat–Integrated Chronic Disease Management™ patient personalized solutions are tailored for home and remote monitoring. Healthcare providers, insurance payers and pharma-lifescience companies use our patient personalized platform along with our medical device partners to document baseline patient chronic conditions, mobile patient monitoring, and population care management with preventive and wellness education. We offer bundled and per patient per month subscription solutions with strategic provider and payer partners. Aventyn UK Ltd, Aventyn Sweden (filial) and Aventyn India are wholly owned subsidiaries of Aventyn Inc., USA.



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