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Aventyn is the first company to deliver its CLIP«Care and Vitalbeat digital health platform using its unique ehealthXML™ interoperability and healthKrypt™(PDF) security technologies to connect electronic patient-centric health information for anytime, anywhere, anyplace access. Our clinical information processing solutions are brought together by innovative use of standards-based technologies and development platforms. We bring together solutions to the marketplace that fit specific user and business needs from local to cloud access.

Connected Health

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Perceptual Health

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The clinical information processing platform and chronic disease management solutions are built on the cornerstones of interoperability, security, scalability and high-availability for the healthcare industry. Our solutions enable efficient medical supply management, integration of multiple proprietary clinical information applications with stronger security and controls for privacy. We aggregate, filter and route interoperable patient health and connected medical device asset information not previously available. The platform supports third party M2M application programming interfaces to facilitate the rapid integration and support for managing multiple mobile handsets, medical devices and sensors.

CLIPCare and Vitalbeat contain a robust web-enabled interface for monitoring and managing information in a healthcare environment eliminating the need for multiple proprietary client-based applications. The innovative, patent(s) pending modular architecture platform lowers operating costs, improves care quality and patient safety.

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CLIPCare and Vitalbeat support W3C, HIPAA and HL7 standards across multiple device platforms for scalability and architected for seamless integration into existing enterprise infrastructure and/or as a stand alone solution. The modular connected architecture supports the National Health Information Network and Health Information Exchange initiatives for the nationwide implementation of interoperable health information technology across the industry. The platform is fundamentally a solution developed to balance technology with the focus on solving real world healthcare enterprise problems with innovative connected information processing capabilities.

CLIPCare and Vitalbeat deliver solutions for personal health management, asset management and contain a clinical information knowledgebase for health and disease management.
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Personal Health Management Solution
Physicians, patients and payers can manage secure, portable personal health records for preventative care, sick care and managing personal well being.
Asset Management Solution
Enables Location, Identification and Verification of clinical assets medical devices and include a wide spectrum ranging from surgical instruments, capital equipment to pharmaceuticals.

Clinical Information Knowledgebase
Contains an exhaustive collection of clinical information for managing personal health and chronic disease management with Vitalbeat to deliver high quality health care efficiently.

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