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Patient-Centric Clinical Information Solutions That Make a Difference in Healthcare Delivery Efficiency and Quality

Our cloud and web-based products enable hospitals, physician offices, university medical centers, home care providers, hospices and clinical researchers to manage patient health records, track assets, capture charges and electronic prescription orders. As a result, healthcare providers are able to dramatically improve healthcare delivery efficiency and quality.

                                    [pdf] CLIP«Care Suite CLOUD                  |                     [pdf] Vitalbeat CLOUD

Aventyn’s initial offering to the Healthcare enterprise is the connected Clinical Information Processing Platform with complete CLIPCare and Vitalbeat software application suite, middleware products and services associated with the deployment and use of its software products. Our products can be securely configured for local IT intranet deployment, Software as a Service, or Cloud based services.

                           We offer the following products, each tailored to your healthcare practice requirements.

Vitalbeat | Integrated Chronic Disease Management  ||        Product Brief  [pdf]

  • Secure mobile health, web-based, remote and local host capability
  • Goal oriented diet and medication adherence and compliance
  • Configurable alerts for patient and clinician consultation
  • Integrated telemedicine for monitoring patient well-being
  • Smoking cessation support, patient coaching with social networking
  • Report generation with trends analysis for readmissions, decision support and case management

CLIP«Care Suite | Clinical Information System |        Product Brief  [pdf]

             [pdf] CLIP«CareONE for Hospitals  |  [pdf] CLIP«CarePOINT for Physician Offices
  • Secure web-based, remote and local host log-in capability
  • Comprehensive electronic health record and asset management
  • Seamless patient administration from admission to discharge
  •  Lab investigations,  ePrescription and ePedigree applications
  • Integrated RFID for patient identification and medication
  • Streamlined clinical and financial work-flow management

CLIP«CareLock | Health Information Security  |       Product Brief   [pdf]

  • Safeguard Health Information with Unique Identification and Authentication
  • Dynamic Encryption For Improved HIPAA and HITECH Act Compliance
  • Configurable M2M, Medical Device User, Content and Health Data Rights Management
  • Enable patients to review their health bills and secure pay with mobile devices
  • One-click encrypted payment option for improved Medical Banking user experience
  • Easy integration with applications for encrypted 24/7 convenience of patient payment process

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