Michael M. LoVullo Joins Aventyn

Former CEO of Remote Patient Connect and Vice President and COO of DIG Corporation has joined the Aventyn Team as Vice President of Integrated Health Solutions


Carlsbad, CA – December 15, 2014 – Aventyn Inc., an innovative provider of secure connected clinical information processing solutions, announced the appointment of Michael M. LoVullo to provide strategic guidance in business development, operational advice and participation in clinical studies and trials. As Vice President, Integrated Health Solutions, Mr. LoVullo will direct activities in building a cohesive sales network, advise Aventyn on building upon their world class customer service, lead recommended operational initiatives and participate in collaborative clinical research programs.


Mr. LoVullo is an accomplished Executive, whose efforts have resulted in organizations which are nimble and responsive. He has implemented process improvements which encompass teams focused on improving operational efficiencies, dynamic sales and marketing strategies, strategic collaborative relationships, quick to market new product development and award winning Customer Service Operations. He has studied at California State University at Northridge and California University at Redlands, focusing on Business Administration.


Mr. LoVullo’s background includes experience with a multitude of companies covering industries such as digital healthcare, telecommunications, consumer goods, aerospace design and manufacturing, ride show development and entertainment, supply chain logistics and the manufacture of alternative powered products. With a focus on the overall picture and a strong background in business development he has been been successful in developing short term strategies and long term planning critical to meeting business growth targets. These companies include, Remote Patient Connect, Eaton (formerly Vickers), DIG Corporation and Walt Disney Productions.


“Aventyn technology represents the growing innovation in digital health and improved patient care. I am pleased to join a team focused on a technology I am extremely passionate about” said Mr. LoVullo. “I have been involved in digital healthcare and have identified Aventyn as the premier solution for patient monitoring and providing diagnostics for chronic care patients. I believe in the potential of the Aventyn technology and I look forward to being part of the team that leads the growth of Aventyn in the growing digital health marketplace.  My expertise in business development and world class customer service will help lead the way for our anticipated growth. I look forward to the eventual everyday use of digital health.”


“We are excited to have an executive like Mr. LoVullo come aboard,” said Navin Govind, Aventyn founder and chief executive officer. “Mr. LoVullo’s extensive experience and proven track record in building successful, profitable organizations, along with his leadership and advice will greatly benefit our strategic initiatives in business development, strategic relationships and building upon our world class customer service.” 


About Aventyn Inc.

Aventyn is an award winning health technology company delivering innovative, standards based secure core to cloud connected clinical information processing solutions. The company’s CLIP«Care EMR solution with CareLock™ health information security and integrated wireless bio-sensor capability enable continuity of care anytime, anywhere and anyplace. Vitalbeat–Integrated Chronic Disease Management™ patient personalized solutions are tailored for home and remote monitoring. Aventyn offers bundled and per patient per month subscription solutions with strategic provider and payer partners. Aventyn AB, Aventyn UK Ltd and Aventyn India Pvt Ltd are wholly owned subsidiaries of Aventyn Inc., USA.



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